Wall Mosaics

Transform that blank wall into a remarkable work of art and a lasting legacy

Create a unique identity, show your dedication to quality, reveal hidden histories and make new landmarks

Discover here the materials and processes of creating a wall mosaic

A bit of history

As Christianity overtook the earlier pagan religions across europe and the technology of glass making underwent significant improvement so the focus of mosaic art moved away from floors onto the walls.

The new Byzantine era saw a flourishing of wall mosaics across the Christian world and also in the mosques of the Islamic world.

Create a unique and enduring identity to your space

Tangerines Glass Mosaic

Glass mosaics

Glass mosaic brings colour and sparkle to your mosaic artwork. There are two very different choices for glass mosaic, Vitreous machine made glass and the handmade Venetian Smalti.

The Rich materials of wall mosaics

Venetian Smalti

This entirely handmade glass enamel is perhaps the ultimate mosaic material. Created uniquely for the creation of mosaic art this material is still made using the traditional method by a few family workshops in and around the Veneto Region of Italy and a few special places around the world.

As well as a rich colour palette Venetian Smalti also brings texture to your mosaic as it is usually used with the riven side facing out.

Vitreous Glass

Vitreous glass is a more economic machine made product primarily produced for commercial tiling. Unlike the Venetian Smalti its surface is flat. The colour range is bright and with sensitivity this material can make wonderful mosaics.

The Rich materials of wall mosaics

Sutton Heritage Mosaic view


Glazed and unglazed ceramics can be used to great effect to create wall mosaics and have a very different character from glass.
Glazed and unglazed porcelain and the handmade Litovi are excellent mosaic materials.

UNGLAZED Porcelain

Unglazed porcelain is undoubtably Gary's favourite material. It is extremely strong and hard wearing and comes in a very harmonious palette that co-ordinates well with natural building materials such as bricks and paving. 
"I particularly love the matte finish of this material which I think compliments large mural works."

Glazed Porcelain

Glazed porcelain is preferred to standard glazed ceramic for its durability. This material can be used to great effect due to its larger format enabling a modern style of mosaic that can also be more economic.


A relative newcomer to the scene Litovi is a handmade porcelain product with through body colour and a riven texture, in a way it is to ceramic what Smalti is to glass.

turning blank spaces into local landmarks

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Gary Drostle at work
Crab mosaic under construction
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