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Enhancing identity and creating new landmarks

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Bringing hidden histories to life

The Battle of Deptford Bridge
Commemorative Sundial Bench

Deptford, London, UK

Marking the spot of the last battle on English soil between English and Celtic forces this focal feature for a new housing development acts as a public bench. The sundial is formed by the shadow of an arrow stuck in a Celtic shield.

Creating new landmarks

The De Luci Fish Roundabout
Glass Mosaic Sculpture

Erith, Kent, UK

A landmark gateway sculpture on a roundabout at the entrance to the town reflects back to the areas medieval heritage and looks forward to a re-orientation with the river.

Enhancing your story

A Walk Along The California Shore
Porcelain Mosaic and Terrazzo Design

Palo Alto, California, USA

A series of floor mosaics and terrazzo design create a discovery path inspired by  exploring the shore at low tide.

Adding meaning to interior spaces

The River Of Life
Porcelain Entrance Floor Mosaic

The University of Iowa, Iowa, USA

An entrance foyer feature links the local river with history and culture and the centres philosophy of well-being.

Bringing colour and fun to urban landscapes

Koi Pond
Porcelain Mosaic

Carterton, Oxfordshire, UK

A trompe l’oeil pond focal feature creates colour, fun and interest for a pedestrian town square.

Pride in our heritage and environment

The Roman Gardens
Porcelain Floor Mosaic

Chester, UK

A commemorative entrance feature celebrates a golden jubilee and the contribution of the Romans to leisure gardening.

Creating local identity and ownership – making our spaces human

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Crab mosaic under construction
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