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New mosaic portrait service

Are you looking for a unique and original gift? Would you like to have a permanent and beautiful keepsake of a dear friend or relative? A mosaic portrait makes a completely unique and permanent treasure to hang on your wall.

A mosaic portrait – a beautiful and permanent keepsake

This autumn Gary is launching a new mosaic portrait service and the first ten customers will receive a special 20% off introductory offer price.

Gary is keen to create new contemporary mosaic portraits in a range of styles and materials appropriate to the sitter. These mosaic portraits can be made in colour or black and white and will use the finest French Porcelain, Marble or Venetian Glass Smalti. Imagine having a beautiful mosaic portrait of your dear friend or relative? Or how about rekindling a great memory with a mosaic of that special person? You can even have your mosaic portrait of a treasured ancestor or forever loved departed. If you have the photograph Gary can make the portrait.

Reassurance of a quality artwork you will want

Gary will determine the best materials and style based on the photographic image provided. You will not have to pay any money until you have seen a picture of the completed mosaic, then you can decide if you want to buy it or not.


Sketch Mosaic Portrait - Giulia


How does it work?

All orders need to be sent by email to and include a clear picture in JPEG format and which size you would like (the offer applies to Small Sketch and Standard portraits only). Once you have sent your request and image Gary will contact you regarding other details, delivery address and so on. Once your order has been accepted Gary will make your portrait in mosaic and send you an image of the completed mosaic. If you are not happy with it you do not have to pay anything and Gary will keep the mosaic to use in the website portfolio, if you are happy with the mosaic you can then simply make the payment and your mosaic portrait will be posted.

Your mosaic can be delivered anywhere in the world. Delivery charges are extra and will vary according to destination.

Mosaic Portrait Sizes

Small Sketch 200mm x 250mm – GBP 300.00OFFER PRICE GBP 240.00

Standard 280mm x 350mm – GBP 600.00OFFER PRICE GBP 480.00

Full 350mm x 500mm – GBP 1000.00

Larger sizes are available on request


Historic black and white mosaic portrait gallery


About the mosaic portrait offer

The offer price is available to the first ten orders accepted. Acceptance is Gary’s decision based on the quality of the photograph provided.

Email Gary today for more information or to send your portrait photograph

Find out more about commissioning mosaics from Drostle Public Arts here


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