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National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association (USA) 2019 Honor Award winner

The third award this year for the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital project. This time the prestigious 2019 Honor Award from the National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association of the United States of America.

We are thrilled that the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, CA won this award. Gaining such an award from the critical eye of a professional body specialising in Terrazzo and Mosaic is particularly meaningful for us. We are really proud of the recognition for the project.

Redwood Forest Trail Mosaic photo by Emily Hagopian Photography
Emily Hagopian Photography

Overall Design Vision

This project wasn’t just about designing and making the nineteen separate mosaic panels. Gary also designed the entire terrazzo floor on the Ground and First floors. This enabled him to integrate the mosaics into the stories of the Redwood Forest Trail and the California Seashore Walk.

Cast glass leaves set into the terrazzo pathway

As well as the terrazzo design and mosaics Gary also developed the designs for cast bronze sand dollars on the ground floor and the hundreds of cast glass leaves on the first floor. The sand dollars and leaves were then fabricated by local craftsmen. All the elements pulling together to tell the stories of each environment. This adds to a visually stimulating and beautiful environment for patients, parents, staff and visitors.

Bronze Sand Dollar
Cast bronze sand dollar

The cast glass leaves and bronze sand dollars were made by local craftsmen who also produced blank place holders. Drostle Pubic Arts created fibre glass blank place holders for the mosaic panels. When the terrazzo was ready to be installed by TB Penick & Sons Inc Gary arrived on site to install the blanks for the mosaics and leaves and to oversee the setting out of the terrazzo steel and mark outs. TB Penick then laid the terrazzo and polished. Once the floor was finished Gary arrived back on site with his team to pull out the blanks and set in the mosaics, glass leaves and bronze sand dollars.

In their review of the project the NTMA commented:

This project earned high ratings for its architectural design and craftsmanship. The epoxy terrazzo is a handsome canvas for prefabricated mosaic panels that integrate art with wayfinding. Depicting sea creatures, the mosaics on the ground floor are discovery points within a “walk along the seashore” theme, with bronze sand dollars. Terrazzo was poured wet-on-wet for seamless wave patterns. On the first floor is a meandering terrazzo pathway designed to simulate a forest trail. Speckled with 500 individual cast glass leaves in three different styles, the floor showcases another nine mosaic panels.

National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association, Inc

You can read more about the two projects here:-
A Trail Through The Redwood Forest
A Walk Along The California Seashore



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