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Are you ready to create a larger mosaic: learn the skills and techniques you need

In a completely re-written and updated course I am aiming to make my ‘Large Scale Mosaics’ class at The Chicago Mosaic School, the essential training for those mosaic makers ready to move up to undertaking larger works.

Whether you are self taught or you began with a few ‘how to make a mosaic’ classes, after some practice many of you will be wondering about creating larger scale mosaic works, perhaps you have a project in mind? This course will enable you to move forward with confidence to create larger mosaics.


The course will give an overview of the various techniques of creating larger mosaics and then focus on the Paper-faced reverse technique – this is perhaps the widest used of the indirect techniques in the professional mosaic world. The paper-faced technique is versatile, relatively simple and allows for the creation of mosaics of any size in even the smallest of work spaces. This method can be used on a wide range of projects including floor mosaics, large walls and ceilings, community mosaics, interiors and exterior mosaics and your own studio mosaics.

Discover the secrets and skills of the master mosaic makers

The philosophy of the class is one of learning by practice so students will make their own ‘miniature’ mosaic in the paper-faced technique, following the necessary steps. In addition to the hands on work there will be lecture presentations covering every detail of the process from initial planning to the final polish. There will also be ample opportunity to discuss your own ideas and plans on all aspects of making larger mosaics. Whether or not you decide to use the paper-faced method, this course will equip you with the information you need to move to the next level and make informed decisions on how to carry out .



This is a unique opportunity to tap into over 25 years of experience of making large public mosaics and move your practice to the next level.

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Below is the planned outline of the large scale mosaics course contents:–

1.0 The techniques of construction overview: Direct techniques; The indirect techniques

2.0 The Paper-faced Reverse Technique

2.1 Technical Design; Health and Safety in Design; Assessing the site; The site survey; Measurements; Critical Edges
2.2 Substrates: Renders and screeds; Tilebacker boards
2.3 Site Foundation Work: Substrate Problems Check list; Preparation for walls; Preparation for Floors
2.4 Movement Joints: Compression joints; Expansion joints
2.5 Work programmes 2.6 Artistic design: The Brief; The initial designs; Plan for scale; Work to scale; Working drawings; Choice of tesserae

3.0 Construction

3.1 Health and Safety in the studio
3.2 Tools and Materials
3.3 Laying Paper
3.4 The water based glue
3.5 Andamento
3.6 The Cartoon: Preparing the cartoon; Drawing up method; Turning the cartoon; Constructing mosaics that are bigger than your workspace; Rolling vs Pre-construction division; Stretching the cartoon
3.7 Mosaic construction: Dividing the mosaic; Cutting; Shaking; The next row; Installation key drawing; Packing and organising the finished works; working in a team; working with community groups

4. Installation

4.1 Health and Safety during installation: Control of Substances Hazardous to Health n Cement; Safe systems for mosaic fixing; Delivery of Materials; Fixing; Grouting; Taking over the site; Site security; Site Safety; Warning signs and barriers; Pedestrian and or traffic re-routing; First Aid
4.2 Materials; Cements; Grout
4.3 Site preparation: Site inspection; Access equipment; Fixed scaffolding: Fixing order and preparation; Masking; Installation drawing; Marking up; Marking up floors
4.4 Fixing the mosaic: Laying the sections; Teamwork; Changing the fixing order; Removing the paper; When to remove; After the paper is removed
4.5 Grouting
4.6 Clean up, seal and polish
4.7 Movement joints again

5. Troubleshooting

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