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Most people only commission a mosaic once in their lives. trying to do that with little or no previous knowledge can be tough...

That's why I've produced this free guide.

This 20 page booklet will help you become an informed commissioner by telling you the 4 key steps to commission success:–

• Understand the essence of mosaic
• Discover the benefits mosaic can bring to your project
• Learn how to recognise a well crafted mosaic
• The answer to the top 5 questions about engaging a mosaic artist.

Feel confident that your mosaic project is in reliable hands…

and have everyone applauding at the grand unveiling.

It probably sounds obvious but the first and most essential step you can take, as someone new to commissioning a mosaic, is to understand mosaic art a little more and discover just how a great mosaic artwork can really add the finishing spark to your project.

This way you will reap the benefits of a beautifully designed, expertly crafted and professionally installed mosaic artwork.

This short introductory guide aims to put you firmly in the driving seat when it comes to commissioning your own mosaic artwork. Here you will discover the essence of mosaic art:–

NEW revised edition 2024

Gary Drostle - Mosaic Commissioners Guide

Giving you the power to make informed choices

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