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Mosaic and Mural Art
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We deliver bespoke site specific artwork solutions from design to final polish for interior and exterior locations. The studio of London artist Gary Drostle, creates individually designed,
hand crafted and exclusive mosaics, mosaic sculptures and mural artworks around the world.

I know it can be a headache trying to find an artist for your architectural or landscape project.

I know because I’ve been a professional site specific artist for over thirty years, and my clients have often spoken about their initial frustrations when they first set out on the search for someone who can create an artwork that combines beauty, bespoke identity, reliability and durability.

That's why I aim to provide a complete service from initial concept to final polish.

...and here’s how I can create a project that will wow your clients and deliver smoothly, on time and on budget,

Discover my 6 stage smooth commission delivery promise

“…in case you are a mosaic newbie, then let me just say that his public art works once seen are never forgotten. They range from the boldly iconic to the quietly nonconformist taking in courage, energy, delight and technical wizardry along the way.”
Helen Miles – Mosaic Blog

Creative solutions that will add individuality and a sense of place to your landscape or architectural project.

Discover how our range of bespoke services can deliver your project requirements on time and on budget.

is it your first time commissioning a mosaic artwork?

My free 20 page 'Mosaic Commissioners Guide' will get you up to speed with the essential information to power-up your decision making process.

Gary Drostle - Mosaic Commissioners Guide

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Smashing tiles... just because I love it!

LPCH mosaic installation sections
Designing your mosaic
Gary Drostle at work
Crab mosaic under construction
Site meeting support

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