mosaic maker and mural artist Gary Drostle

Winner of the
'Best Architectural Mosaic'
award 2008

The Mosaic Arts
International exhibition,
Miami, Florida.

Croydon's multi award winning Fishpond mosaic

Most people only commission a mosaic like this once in their lives so you need to be sure you are getting the best. By choosing a recognised international mosaic artist you can be sure of a unique artwork that combines creativity with craftsmanship.

And with a mosaic by Gary Drostle you get all this as well:-


The Bharunda Bird Venetian Smalti Mosaic


• A mosaic artist with over 20 years
of professional practice from a world recognised craftsman.

• A design tailored exactly to your needs,
you can see from the variety of work, how each one is tailor made for the client and the surrounding landscape. See my floor mosaics gallery for examples.

• A mosaic constructed using the finest tesserae in Europe and installed with high quality modern cement technology.

• A dedicated web page
so you can see your mosaic taking shape in the studio.

• All the information you need
to make the right decision, whether it's technical specifications, independent test results, design advice or planning ideas...

Gary will guide you through the process making sure you have all the information you need to make the best decisions for you.

• Working together
By working together with you in designing your mosaic we can achieve an artwork that you, and everyone who sees it, can be proud of.


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mosaic maker and mural artist Gary Drostlemosaic maker and mural artist Gary Drostle