mosaic maker and mural artist Gary Drostle

The Rouse Kent Award for Public Art 2007.
The Rouse Kent Award Committee.

Tom Phillips RA visits Gary and Rob at the studio during construction of the Bellenden Road Mosaic


Gary has always had a keen interest in collaborating with other artists. This really began when he worked painting murals in hospitals with other artists in Haringey in North London. Since then he has worked with many other artists and has come away from each one with new ideas and opportunities to develop.

As well as a long working partnership as WALLSCAPES with artist
Rob Turner,

Gary has worked on projects
with artists

Des Rochefort,
Keith Khan,
Chris Campbell Design,
Onya McCausland,
Caroline Ishgar,
Greenwich Mural Workshop
Tom Phillips,


The Haringey Mural Workshop 1987-1989
Gary Drostle, Hilary Loebner, Joanne White, Ruth Priestley, John Beaumont.

with poets
Coral Rumble,
Nii Ayikwei Parkes
Ian Macmillan

and mosaicists
Claire Notley
Ruth Priestly,
Vanessa Benson,
Liz De'Ath,
Mark Davidson,
Susan Goldblatt,
Michelle Clewer
Maria Starling
Laura Barnes
Virginie Hynna
Katie Hellon
Sophie Hussien

mosaic maker and mural artist Gary Drostlemosaic maker and mural artist Gary Drostle