mosaic maker and mural artist Gary Drostle

December 2008

2m diameter mosaic focal point for Carterton's new town centre square.

Carterton Fast Forward Partnership working with the Town Council successfully won funding for the regeneration of the towns central open space from the 'Big Lottery Peoples Millions Competition' in November 2007. A key element to this regeneration was a floor mosaic focal feature. Gary was appointed to carry out the creation of this artwork and, following consultation with community groups and design workshops with two local schools, drew up a selection of design options. The Town Council then consulted with the local community and the fishpond design was chosen as the preferred option .

Gary ran a further day of mosaic making workshops for children and local residents before the mosaic was installed in the new square.

The mosaic was officially unveiled with the square on 5th December 2008.


See Gary's first award winning fishpond mosaic

6. The first fish

5. The first Lilly

4. Testing the Andamento

3. Testing the Andamento

2. Drawing up the cartoon

1. The chosen design

mosaic maker and mural artist Gary Drostlemosaic maker and mural artist Gary Drostlemosaic maker and mural artist Gary Drostle